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Digital Forensics

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and consequently there is also an increase in the number of people committing crimes using the same technology that helps us. Such crimes involving new age technology requires the assistance of experts. We at Cybersafe, to assist law enforcement agencies in maintaining a crime-free society, provide the below services:

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Our professional team will help you in successful threat and vulnerability management.

We know what it takes to investigate this digital evidence that is gathered and we also know the methods in which more evidence can be gathered using technology that is designed and assembled for this purpose.

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Digital Forensics

  • Mobile Phone Extraction

    Mobile phones are very prone to security breaches and they contain a lot of valuable data such as contacts, pictures, videos, documents etc. Cybersafe provides services where we extract data from mobile phones that have been compromised or have been bricked.

  • Hard Disk Extraction

    Cybersafe provides data extraction services from hard disks on a best effort basis

  • CCTV Footage Analysis

    We make use of facial reecognition technology and text recognition technology to analyze CCTV footage and provide a detailed report on the activities taking place in the footage.

  • IPDR Analysis

    At Cybersafe, we know how communication happens through the wires. We know how packets flow from one point to another point and are well equipped to provide IPDR Analysis services. Our report increases the efficiency of the investigation by reducing time taken to come at the same conclusion as the report we provide.

  • Computer Lock/Password Bypass

    Digital devices, often protected with passwords and PIN codes, are recovered as evidence from crime scenes and from persons of interest. In situations where possible, Cybersafe can assist in bypassing these mechanisms in order to get to the data stored in the devices.

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