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Darknet Investigation

It is a known fact that anti-Social elements are well versed in Technology and using the internet (which includes the Darknet) to suit their purposes. The best example would be that of ISIS which uses the Darknet to post their radicalization content, bomb making instructional videos, communicating with other members across the globe etc.

The Darknet is also a hub of criminal activity where one can find drugs, hitmen for hire, stolen credit/debit card details, child pornography etc. Misusing the cover of anonymity that the Darknet provides, people can cause chaos and social unrest.

Hence it is imperative that law enforcement agencies keep an eye on what happens in the Darknet.

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Our team of experts are well versed in traversing the complex web that is the Darknet and have routinely helped several law enforcement agencies in Darknet related investigations.

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Cyber Terrorism Investigations

  • Tor Node Fingerprinting

    Our team of experts will evaluate your IT security by safely exploiting vulnerabilities in your company IT infrastructure including OS, applications, server configurations and end-users and their behavior.

  • Onion Website Vulnerability Check

    We will test application layer of your organization against vulnerabilities that attackers may exploit. Our professional team will make sure that every application in your application layer is bullet proof and is properly managed and tested.

  • Containt & Monitor its activities

    Examining your organization as an open system enables us to discover all type of threats to it's security, from vendor, outside threats to insider threats which may be intentional and unintentional. CyberSafe will help you address those threats and find a way to eliminate them and reduce it's impact on your business processes and functions.

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