CDR Analysis

Using sophisticated softwares that use data analytics, we provide law enforcement agencies with a robust, easy to comprehend report containing key points in the Call Data Records that makes the process inestigation more efficient by reducing the time taken to arrive at the same conclusions that our report provides. This is especially helpful in critical and time sensitive cases.

Social Media Monitoring

Law enforcement agencies have a list of individuals who are classified in the person-of-interest category on whose activities an eye is to be kept on. At Cybersafe, we take care of the monitoring of the social media activity of such persons of interest using dedicated systems in place for the very purpose.

VoIP Call Detection

Voice over IP is the preferred means of communication of people indulging in malicious activities. VoIP calls and normal phone calls are inherently different and require different methods of investigation in order to trace where and whom the call is coming from. Our resident VoIP experts provide the necessary knowledge that is required to find out the exact details of the caller and the actual location from which the call is being recieved.

Cyber Profiling

With the penetration of Social Media in our daily lives, it seems like every one has a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. profile these days - meaning everyone leaves behind a sort of a digital footprint. We provide services where we build a profile based on the person of interest's internet and social media activity and these digital footprints. Our report aids law enforcement agencies in investigation and in gaining intelligence.

Cyber Fraud Management

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and consequently there is also an increase in the number of people committing crimes using the same technology that helps us. Such crimes involving new age technology requires the assistance of experts.

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