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Individuals and organizations with malicious intents use cell phones for communication amongst the members of the organization as well as other individuals who may be aiding it. Live insight into the communication taking place with respect to persons of interest would enable Law Enforcement Agencies in investigations.

Cybersafe's Sankhya Lookup is a specialized cell phone traffic monitoring device that aids Law Enforcement Agencies in carrying out evidence gathering, stake outs and other on-the-field work activities. This device is inconspicuous and small enough to be carried in a ruck sack along with a laptop running a Linux Operating System, using which cell tower traffic can be monitored. Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup enables Law Enforcement Agencies in tackling various crimes which are committed using cell phone communication technologies.

Hex-Code to ASCII text

Data transfer in cell towers takes place in the form of Hexadecimal code which is illegible to human eyes. Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup translates this Hexadecimal code into legible ASCII text using GSM decoding algorithms.

Real Time Caller & Recepient Cell ID

Cell ID is a temporary number assigned by cell phone towers to users. Cyber Safe Sankhya Lookup provides the Cell ID of both the caller and the recepient.

ARFCN Base Station Matching

Finding out the cell phone tower which is of interest among several others is important. Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup does this by using frequency matching software.

Service Provider Identification

Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup provides the details of the service provider that is being used by both the caller and recepient in real time.

Home Location Register

Everytime a person buys a new SIM card, the number is registered to a particular cell phone tower called the Home Location Register. Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup provides the HLR details in real time.

Phone Number Reconnaisance

Phone numbers in cell phone tower transmissions are encrypted. Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup's algorithm provides the actual phone number of both the caller and the recepient in real time.

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Why Cybersafe Sankya Lookup?

Compared to other similar products in the market, Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup is a cost effective alternative without any compromises made to the efficiency and trustworthiness of the results.

Cybersafe Sankhya Lookup is the perfect companion for field work and other covert operations. Its inconspicuous appearance and form factor makes it a must have for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies.

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