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The Dark Net is a place where a large number of illegal activities such as drug trafficking, child pornography, weapon sales, take place under the shorud of anonymity that the TOR project provides. Such websites, or Onion sites, are easily accessbile to people including individuals and organizations with malicious intents. The Dark Net is also a place where anti social elements can communicate with each other and carry out illegal and possibly destructive activities.

Cybersafe being one of the handful of private organizations that provide consulting on the Dark Net, has developed a proprietary software suite that has been developed specifically to assist Law Enforcement Agencies in tackling the global problem of illegal activites that are taking place on the Dark Net. Cybersafe DarkSpyder provides a blue pint of the architecture of the Onion site in question and discover links to it that are present on the Clear Net.

Server Fingerprint

Cybersafe DarkSpyder extracts distinguishing characteristics of Onion Sites such as the web technologies used to develop and host the site along with other softwares that are being used to support the Onion Site.

Clear Net Connections

Cybersafe DarkSpyder has the ability to determine other websites present on the Clear Net that are linked to the Onion Site that is under investigation and can possibly obtain the real IP Address of the host server.

Monitor Onion Sites

Cybersafe DarkSpyder can be used by Law Enforcement Agencies in order to monitor and discover how active the Onion Site is and what the contents of the site are.


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Why Cybersafe DarkSpyder?

Cybersafe DarkSpyder is one of a kind and state of the are software suite that aids Law Enforcement Agencies in monitoring and investigation illegal activities that are taking place on the Dark Net.

Cybersafe DarkSpyder uncovers key details such as Web Technologies used, supporting server software used and possibly even the Network Information of the server on which Onion Sites under investigation are hosted.

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