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Cybercrime is on the rise as individuals and organizations with malicious intents take undue advantage of anonymity and ease of access of the internet to participate in illegal activities. For example, multiple terrorist organizations are known to have websites, WhatsApp & Telegram groups, private YouTube channels where propaganda, bomb making tutorials and videos of executions are spread. In order to maintain social order, such websites and social media groups and applications need to be tracked and bought down.

In order to investigate and uncover the individuals or organizations who are responsible for disseminating such malicious content, it is necessary to know thoroughly the technologies that are being used to build the infrastructure used to host and spread content that disturbs the social fabric. This is where Cybersafe Asthra comes into the picture.

Cybersafe Asthra has the ability to scan the servers on which such websites have been hosted and where malicious content is available and provide insight into the technologies that have been used. With this insight, Law Enforcement Agencies are enabled to formulate a plan to trace the people who are behind such illegal activities.

Host Server Details

Cybersafe Asthra provides insight into the Hardware specifications, Operating System flavour and version that is used in addition to the web technologies that have been used along with the security information of the server.

Network Information

Cybersafe Asthra has the ability to extract the network information such as IP address, Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway that is used by the server where malicious content resides. Cybersafe Asthra can also bypass Cloudfare and obtain the real IP of the host server.

Location Details

Cybersafe Asthra provides Law Enforcement Agencies with the location of the server where the malicious content is hosted knowing which further investigation and information can be gathered.


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Why Cybersafe Asthra?

Cybersafe Asthra is a state of the art Information Reconnaissance product that is cost effective without any compromises on the quality and trustworthiness of the results obtained using it.

Its ease of use and the robustnesss of the report generated is proven to be a key to Law Enforcement Agencies in tackling the problem of malicious content that is available on the internet.

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