Bank Corporate & Network Security

Banks these days are heavily dependent on their IT infrastructure with the smallest of tasks being carried out using computers. The infrastructure required to run the day to day activities of banks along with their online banking services would be enormous and complex.

Directly or indirectly, financial institutions are an attractive target for hackers for the simple reason that there is a possibility of very high financial gains to be made by infiltrating the IT infrastructure of banks.

It is crucial that financial institutions especially be aware of the vulnerabilities that are present in their infrastructure since the stolen money can impact the lives of a large number of innocent people by causing loss of hard earned money.

It is of outmost importance that your network is secure, failing which all the devices and systems that are in the network along with their functioning can be controlled and manipulated remotely by hackers to suit their needs. It is to be kept in mind that gaining control of even a single device in your network can lead to gaining control of the other devices in it.

  • Real-Time protection

  • Basic IT Security management consulting
  • Basic consulting about IT Security
  • Cca 5 days project duration
  • For small business owners
  • Threat Management

  • Business IT Security consulting
  • Security Architecture & Implementation
  • Cca 12 days project duration
  • For medium business owners
  • Compliance and Risk

  • Complete It Security consulting
  • Vulnerability & Threat Management, IT Security Architecture and Implementation, ...
  • Cca 30 days project duration
  • For large business owners
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