Currently the number of mobile phone users in India is estimated to be about 775 million and it is expected to breach the 800 million mark by 2019. Combine that with the affordable data plans offered by several service providers and we have a large number of mobile phone users using the internet with potentially critical vulnerabilities present on their devices.

Such vulnerable users are easy targets for hackers who employ a variety of tactics such as Malware, Trojans, Backdoors, Adware and fake applications to achieve their malicious intents. Mobile phones are also attractive targets to hackers as they usually contain a lot of personal data such as pictures, videos, call details, text messages which can be utilized to commit more illegal activities and cause financial losses, identity theft and social unrest.

Cybersafe AppScan is a mobile phone application penetration testing framework that encompasses Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Malware Analysis and Web API testing. Using Cybersafe AppScan, Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporates can perform an in depth analysis of any application across all platforms and obtain a robust report that lists out potential vulnerabilities and possible malice in the applications.

Static Analysis

The Cybersafe Appscan Framework is a penetration testing platform that capable of performing static, dynamic and malware analysis on given any mobile application (Android/ios/Windows).

Dynamic Analysis

CyberSafe AppScan Analyse the given App and runs it through an emulator or VM and caputres the traffic flow and tries to dynamically penetrate through the apps sandbox and other exploitation methods.

Malware Analysis

AppScan is backliked to OpenSource API of virustotal, it analyses the app activities for malicious content and verifies with virustotal API to identify potential malwares and lockers.

Unlimited App Analysis

One time payment for the product and get regular updates until 1 year for free, and do unlimited number of analysis.

Formal Reports

Generate report in PDF format after analysis of the app.

URL & IP Disclosure

AppScan can find App Permissions, User details gathered by the app, App backlinks to its servers, IP addresses, API Keys, Hash Keys, Usernames, Passwords, Encryption keys and more!


CyberSafe AppScan better than Ever!

Our AppScan Solution is not only pertained to Android APK's we also Analyse Iphone Apps(IPA's), Windows Mobile Apps(APPX)


Find Vulnerabilties in Apps like a Pro!

To find loophole of any application one has to be either developer of the application or a expert. But with the help of Cybersafe Appscan makes your work easy by automatically identifying the vulnerabilities in the Apps.

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