Ransomware Protection

Individuals or organizations with malicious intents, that are out to damage your businesses reputation or want to extort money, can now do so by utilizing Ransomware-As-A-Service providers available for hire on the Dark Net - such Ransomwares can be customized to exploit the vulnerabilities that are present in your infrastructure.

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. According to a survey conducted by Sophos, it has been found that close to 75% of the targets of such attacks had been running up to date end point protection services at the time of the attack. It was also found that an average of $133,000 per attack was spent in order to minimize the impact of the incidents.

It is imperative that you are aware of the vulnerabilities that are present in your IT infrastructure, using which people with malicious intents can misuse to cause financial losses and damage to your businesses reputation.

  • Runtime Defense and Isolation

  • System scan
  • Identify malicious programs
  • Quarantine malicious programs
  • Contingency planning
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Benefits of availaing our Ransomware Protection services:

Ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure from reputation damaging and financial loss causing Ransomware attacks

Knowing where the vulnerabilities lie enables you to monitor the events taking place that are relevant to them and take action

Ransomware attacks have been known to cause heavy financial losses with share prices plummeting with investors selling their stocks in panic. It is better to be safe than to be sorry!

On an average, businesses spend about $133,000 to minimize the risks of Ransomware attacks. This can be prevented!

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